Change the DateTime column in to string column in Excel

How to change the DateTime column in to string column in Excel using uipath.
I tried by changing the column type to string in datatable and push into Excel.
But it didn’t worked.

Thanks in advance

Better you can use Format Value Activity…

Thanks for the response.

Problem here is, I will read the view from Database and store it in a Data table.
After that I will store the data table in Excel file. In this case my column value will be in Datetime format.
The input of format value Activity accepts Generic values only right?

How can I convert date time column to string column here?

This isn’t easy to do with UiPath. I suggest you create a template, and store the correct format there, and paste values to it with write range. This is probably the easiest.

You can also try navigating Excel like every other native application and changing the format with Hotkey/Click/Type Into.

If you’re feeling fancy, create a custom activity, using VSTO:

Creating a template and pasting would work.

Thanks much :slight_smile: