Change tab order of fields in UiPath Apps

Ideally in a form, users can press the tab key of their keybord to go from one field to the next.

My app is in a form structure, and users have pointed out that at some parts of the form, when they use tab to move to the next field, it doesn’t follow the visual order of those fields.

It seems that the tab order are based on the order by which they are created during development in App Studio. Is there a way to modify the tab order of the fields without having to recreate them?

Are you by any chance using a Container Layout? I’m thinking this might be the cause.

Yes, the fields are within a layout container.

Try re-arranging the Layout Containers in the tree view to reflect that tab order that you’d like to have.

Hello Evan, thanks for your suggestion. But rearranging them in the tree view will also affect the visual order as they are displayed in the app. Not easy to do but I guess I’ll have to manually move the controls into separate layout containers to achieve the order I want when using tab.

In a Container Layout control (not to be confused with a normal Container control) the ordering in the tree view doesn’t matter, since the child containers have a relative fixed position on a grid.