Layout changes when reopening an app in App Studio


I’m creating a form in UiPath App Studio. I publish changes after every time I make editions. However, sometimes when I reopen the app to edit the form, the layout goes completely off, as below

Is there a way to ensure that the original layout is preserved? I’m speculating the nested containers might be causing the problem, probably a major bug of the platform.

Hi @kwv,
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I pushed your feedback to our bug tracker. Thank you for the information.

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Hi @kwv,
Our App team is right now working on your case. Are you able to provide us some steps to reproduce this issue so we could check it on our end?

Unfortunately I have deleted the app where that problem occurred. But I was able to find a workaround.

I stopped putting container layouts inside containers. To be safe I only used containers inside container layouts and didn’t put any more nested containers within containers.