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Hi all,

I’ve been trying to use the Change Request form since it came out as a replacement for our home-built MS forms/PowerAutomate solution, just to keep things in one place.

However…honestly it seems completely unfit for purpose? I don’t understand why it’s been designed this way and I’d love to get some insights from UiPath if possible!

  1. Why can only Program Managers/System Admins put through a request - surely this is something the process owner or automation user would request?
  2. It mentions Process Owners can submit them - but Process Owner is not a collaborator role which can be given?
  3. Why, when I’ve already linked the request to an automation, do I then need to retype the name, description and paint points etc of the automation?
  4. Where, other than in the notes section in the Urgency question, is someone meant to say what the change they need is?
  5. Is there an easy way to navigate to a list of all change requests?

This feature would be great, but it’s just not remotely useable, unless I’m missing something here? Has anyone successfully used it yet?


I realised the above was more of a rant than a request/solution, although they can be discerned from my points, however:

  1. This role should be assigned to Standard Users, or something implemented to enable users in the correct departments to request changes (ie Finance can submit change requests for Finance processes) - as these are the people who would know what needs changing. Perhaps everyone can see the option to submit a request, however can then only select processes “relevant” to them?
  2. Similar to above, if someone is listed as the Process Owner for an automation they should be able to submit a request. Ideal if the above two points could be done without updating the rights/permissions of hundreds/thousands of staff.
  3. The Overview section needs to be removed, or if it has to be there, at least auto-populate it from the linked project.
  4. Add a text-answer question after the drop down for type of change required which allows the requestor to specify what it is they want.
  5. Add “Change Requests” to the Workspace of the developers (those set with relevant roles etc) so they can all be monitored. Sys admins etc can see all, and others see the ones relevant to their areas/departments, as set up.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the question.

  1. We have not enforced for the Standard users to be able to submit change requests, because the customer research indicated that this is not something most of our customer base would need by default to everyone for that role. You an always create a custom role giving access to everyone to the permission to " Submit a change request" for ANY existing idea, as well as narrow down by Categories, if you want to control for your users to submit for ANY existing parent idea from certain categories.
    Process Owner is an example of collaborator role, just like other collaborator roles, and you also have a permission " Submit a change request for an idea or automation ." you can granularly assign only to users playing a certain collaborator role, if needed. Moreover, you can create pools of users playing a certain collaborator role, if this is something you want, by using the “make this role assignable” toggle at the level of the collaborator roles page (docs here). Please check the user documentation to understand how permissions can be granted to various roles and collaborator roles.

  2. Process Owner can submit change requests for the parent ideas where they are assigned as process owners. They cannot submit CRs for any idea that they have nothing to do with.

  3. Again, customer research indicated that the auto-populating the Name, description, pain points from the parent idea is not the desired by the customer base, because they would like for the submitter of the CR to actually explain in those fields what is the CR about, why do they need it, in the Overview section, such that they can distinguish between the parent idea and the underlying CRs.

  4. Please see the answer to 3. Also, you can customize the CR main form yourself from Customize assessments section.

  5. You can distinguish the CRs by creating a custom view directly in the Automation Pipeline table, where you filter by the idea source column on the value “Change Request”, which will surface only the CRs.

Hope this brings some clarifications.


Thanks for getting back so quickly!

  1. I was hoping to avoid having to assign new roles to all 6k+ staff we have in the tool, but if this is the way you intend it I suppose we’ll have to look at adding this to our scripts for uploading users, hopefully able to update them that way
  2. I asked a process owner in the tool to check this and they don’t even see the option to submit a CR - I assume they’d need multiple roles/collab roles to get this view to begin with?
  3. Seems I misunderstood this section, as I understood it and I was led to believe this would update the Process itself, not form the basis of the change request ticket - this approach obviously makes sense in that light and explains why I was so confused by what I thought it was! I didn’t test this as I didn’t want to accidentally update
  4. As above, it would be in the description.
  5. Thanks

For points 1 and 2 - would it be possible to have a toggle in Settings to allow either “Give CR submission rights to all Standard users” or “allocate individually” so this can be toggled?

Hi Alex,

  1. Is it safe to presume that you are using Automation Hub as a service in Automation Cloud? Because if yes, then any user in your Automation Hub is also a user listed in the Automation Cloud, and they are part of the “Everyone” Automation Cloud group by default. So if you really want to give everyone access to submit a CR, create a custom role that gives them this permission (and any other that makes sense for every AH user to have access to) and simply map the “Everyone” group to the custom role you created. In this way, every AH users “inherits” the roles assigned to “Everyone”. Documentation: here.
    Overall, I recommend this webinar on large scale roll-out to understand better how you can make use of the groups assignation for easier user access.
  2. Process Owners have the possibility to submit CRs ONLY on the ideas where they are added as Process Owner, not on all ideas. So please ask the user to submit a CR for an idea where they are related to it, as a Process Owner. We just tested this 1 hour ago and it is working as expected.
  3. User documentation on the change request here, demo video here.

We cannot accommodate the request for that toggle, because this is not how permission assignation in roles & collaborator roles works in the tool, and we do not want to hard code rules, especially as we are moving toward supporting the customization of the idea flow in the product. The better solution for this is for us to check whether we can open the permission editing for the default roles. We can consider this.


Thanks again for such a quick response :slight_smile:

  1. I just created a group for Everyone, assigned a newly created custom role to it, so they had Standard and Change Request Submitter, however it shows the Everyone Group only has 4 active members (fine, others not signed in since creating) but when I look at users who should be in this group it doesn’t show their group permissions, so do these get added when they log in now?
  2. Would a process owner have to go into their process page to do this? As the user I checked with didn’t have the option in the top right Submit drop down?
  3. That was half of where I got my info wrong, I clearly misread :smiley:

Updating the Standard User role would be the easiest solution, but that isn’t allowed so wanted to come up with other possible solutions. Ultimately though, as we’ve got this group for Everyone where I can auto assign Standard and CR Submitter, we should be ok?

Thanks again!

Hi Alex,

  1. I mentioned that “they are part of the “Everyone” Automation Cloud group by default.”. The group “Everyone” is a default Automation Cloud group. Every user is part of it. There is no need to create an extra group called “everyone”. In the documentation link I provided, you can see a snapshot with the way we query for the groups, and Everyone is listed there by default. More on the default Automation Cloud local groups: Automation Cloud - About accounts and groups

  2. Yes. Process Owner is a collaborator role, not a role. So it is expected that they do not see Submit a Change Request from the top right Submit an idea drop-down. They will see this action available at the level of the ideas where they Process Owner as a collaborator.

  3. If you assign to the Automation Cloud default local group called “Everyone” (not the one you created custom) the roles Standard and CR submitter within AH, anyone you add in Automation Cloud will automatically gain access to Automation Hub with those roles, because they are automatically part of “Everyone”.


1&3. Sorry, I meant a group within AH to ensure everyone in the AC Everyone group has the rights, so exactly as you said is what I did :slight_smile:

  1. That makes sense that they can get it from there, thanks!

Think we’re all set with set up and clearing up my misunderstandings!

I would still like a better way to view the change requests rather than having to filter, but that’s an easy work around :slight_smile:

Thanks again so much for all your time, really appreciate it!!