How can Automation Hub get idea submissions without user orchestrator access

The process to get ideas into Automation hub is anything but easy, my entire team finds it very frustrating that they have to sign up for both orchestrator AND automation hub to submit an idea.

Which requires me to take MANY administrative steps (defeats the purpose of automation…)
I have to set them up in orchestrator, send their email, assign roles and then do basically the same thing in automation hub.

This is counter intuitive and coupled with the overall lack of connectivity between orchestrator and Automation hub I am failing to see the benefits…

IS there anyway to get ideas into the system without creating a million users? we want to broadly source ideas across 70+ companies and its practically a full time job just setting up users to be able to submit ideas even though there is never going to be a need for those idea generators to actually log into hub and use it.


I am not certain I understand the remark " I have to set them up in orchestrator, send their email, assign roles and then do basically the same thing in automation hub."
Do you mean you have to first add users in Automation Cloud (not Orchestrator) and then decide which of those users should access the Automation Hub service (which is one of the services in Automation Cloud, next to Orchestrator, Insights, Task Mining, Apps or whatever other services you are using within the Automation Cloud platform)?

There is a difference between adding users in the Automation Cloud organizations, and next deciding granularly on which services that you have available on your Automation Cloud organization (Automation Hub being one of them) the users should have access to (hence, the perception that you are doing the same work twice). Moreover, there are various ways to optimize the way you assign access to Automation Hub for users added in Automation Cloud - that is by leveraging the Automation Cloud groups and mapping them to specific service roles (Standard User, Program managers etc). Details here.

Moreover, you can avoid all the double work by directly adding the users in Automation Hub and if you have also Org Admin role in Automation Cloud, you have the possibility of triggering their addition at the Automation Cloud level as well. Details here.

You can also consider leveraging the Azure AD integration for easier user access management. Details here.

In conclusion:

  • Please do not make a confusion between Automation Cloud as a platform and Orchestrator Cloud (one of the services in Automation Cloud).
  • There are various way to avoid doing double work, as long as you have the right roles in Automation Hub (System Admin) and at the Automation Cloud level (Org Admin): invite directly from Automation Hub (which will add the users in Automation Cloud as well), leveraging Automation Cloud & Azure AD groups.

If you intend to keep track of the real name of the users appearing as Idea submitters, then they need to be registered in the system as users. If you do not need their identity, then define a generic user and use that generic user as the identity for all the ideas you want to submit in the product.
The mission of Automation Hub is to empower the users to contribute in the automation program beyond just their name. For this reason we treat them as individuals and we require their identity to be defined as individual users.

Please let me know if this answers your questions.

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The problem, is that users cannot be added to Automation Hub UNTIL they are added to Orchestrator, or at least I have not been able to find any way around this. I cant use random generic users because in order for an idea generator to be used they need to have a confirmed account.

On the instance that we want users to be roled as developers, how do we invite them once. (We will not be able to use Azure Directory at this time due to our organizations IT rules).


I repeat: I believe you are confusing the concept of “Automation Cloud” with “Orchestrator Cloud”.
Users need to be added centrally in the Automation Cloud, and then you decide which of these users should access the Automation Hub service.

The statement " users cannot be added to Automation Hub UNTIL they are added to Orchestrator" is not accurate.
Please check the user documentation I referenced above:

  • How you add users in Automation Hub and you can trigger adding them automatically in Automation Cloud as well - here. You need System Admin role in the Automation Hub service, and Org Admin role at the Automation Cloud platform level.

  • How to leverage the Automation Cloud groups to easily grant groups of users access to the Automation Hub service - here

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Given that you will not leverage the Azure AD integration, consider using the bulk upload capability in Automation Hub: user documentation here.

If you are Org Admin in Automation Cloud, you will be prompted with the modal asking you to also invite the users uploaded in Automation Hub also in Automation Cloud. Hence, doing the action just once.

Hi @Nathan_Betters - can you please confirm that the details provided enabled you to invite the users only once directly from Automation Hub?