Change Named User License to different named user


we have a studio named user license. Now we would like to change this license to a different named user. How does it work?


Hi @Gennaro_Bozza

I think you might need to purchase a new license for that new user.

When staff changes, consultants join and leave projects, someone goes out on short or long term disability and temporary staff comes in are all scenarios where it will be necessary to be able to change the named user over to a different AD Account. None of those are cases that should result in needing a new license.


Assuming Studio is installed on a VM: The AD User on the Orchestrator Robot that is using the Development robot/license type can be updated to a different user. That will “shift” the license over to the different user; the different user can now remote into the VM and will be able to use the Studio license.


Hi everyone,

You can change the named user if your Attended User license is not expired and still enabled. Like @KHahn said, there are reasons within the company for changing it. If you have Attended User license stand-alone (without Orchestrator) you can unlicense the existing user and use the same key to license on the other user. You can use LicenseTool.exe to deactivate the license (steps in If you license your robot via Orchestrator, please follow @KHahn’s suggestions in the reply above.

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