Get IMAP mail messages - take table from letter body

Hello. Pls, tell me, how can i using get imap mail messages read a table from the letter body? P.S. Sry for my bad engl

@dedovec - welcome to community!

please use mail.Headers(“HTMLBody”) instead of change mail.Body
this will return complete HTMLBody


The exact same result in both cases. I need to parse html correctly and get the table with its columns and rows from there.

ok… to extract complete html to datatable - pls try with html-to-datatable uipath go component
(link to download :

  • strHTMLBody = item.Headers("HTMLBody”).ToString
  • run the custom activity (html-to-datatable) this html string to get the data tables

Cool! Thx, man! Good luck.
Another question: how can I convert   or " and others to an understandable form

Another question: how can I convert nbsp or quot to an understandable form

maybe you can use replace nbsp with space like string.replace(“nbsp”, " ")

Thought so. Is there something like a complete dictionary of such meanings?

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