Change data table column format to yyyy/MM/dd

Hi friends

I need to change the data table column format from text to date yyyy/MM/dd.

i tried below for each assign. its not working . any idea ?

row(1)= cdate(row(1)).ToString(“yyyy/MM/dd”)

i tried below one too . No luck
(From row In PLOutDt.Select Order By Convert.ToDateTime(row(1)) Ascending Select row).ToArray.CopyToDatatable()

Hi @oshan

Try this one

CDate(row(“Your Date”).Tostring).Tostring(“yyyy/MM/dd”)

Kommi Jeevan


Cheers @oshan if you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.

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@kommijeevan …thanks, but i am getting error as below.

change the data type and try

i changed as below and tried, still failed,
sorry, do you have the code