How to change the data table column format any option is. There in data table or by using linq

Iam having date 12/05/2019 for all values in data table columnA need to change the format as 05-12-2019 any easy using in build features in data table

Hey @Aravinthan,

You can do a foreach and assign the new value to your column.


@Aravinthan In for each use one assign activity and follow this.

                     urvariablename = cdate(urvariablename).ToString("dd-MM-yyyy")

@amarasto @indra thanks guys i tried to do date format in excel itself by selecting the date column and using format cells(ctrl+1) select “custom” and using" type into" enter your desired date format then it will get reflected using read range read it…

Hi - I was wondering if you could me out on a similar challenge. I want to format a column in a datatable with the following format ####### (e.g. 1234567) to this format: ####-### as a string (e.g. 1234-567). I am not sure how to write it in the assign activity.