Change Automation Hub Email Steps

How to change Automation Hub Email procedure?



Root Cause: It is the limitation of the current Automation Hub design.

Resolution: Currently Automation Hub( AH) does not support editing of email accounts. Assuming the customer does not want to execute the workaround of deactivating and re-adding the user account, these are case creation steps for ensuring the fastest turn around time from the Automation Hub team in making back end changes for email accounts.

When an Automation Hub admin needs to update a user's email address, consider the below step-by-step guide

  1. Create the case at
  2. Provide AH license code and AH URL
  3. Mention in the case issue description that email accounts continue to be read-only / greyed out for your admin and that this has been acknowledged as a current design limitation from UiPath
  4. Specify being aware of the current workaround of removing the current user and re-adding them but this is not feasible for the scenario.
  5. Specify requesting the UiPath AH team to update the email account on the back end and that this will require updates to the database is known.