Central variables

Hi I need your help in something
It should be simple but I can’t the answer

I have a config sheet where I read certain values and save them in variables.
Example:ID, Date

In my project I have four files


In the “main” file , i will start by invoking workflow 1 to execute certain steps
Followed by workflow2 then 3

In both workflow 1 I rwad the variables from config

In workflow2,3 and 4 I need to use the same variables I had read from workflow1

So I don’t want to invoke the whole file I just need the variables
Is there any easy way to do it
I found it very complicated to declare central variables in uipath projects to be used in all files

Please advise

Hi @HKF ,

Is your workflow have some out variables that you want to use in workflow 2,3,4?

Yes that’s right

If have many variables then you can use dictionary in that case and instead of passing all variables to other workflow just pass that dictionary and use the values.

The other way is to create Entity on Data Service in Orchestrator and utilize it.