Hi all,

I’m using a write cell activity and i would write the below formula:

But after run my job in my excel I have the follow formula (where “O=OR” and “IDENTICO=EXACT”) =O(IDENTICO(@Foglio3!$A$2:$A:$53; Foglio2!C3))


Any suggestion to write the correct formula?

Thanks in advanced!!!


In attached the file example:
test1.xlsx (11.9 KB)

Hi @salvatore.quimi ,

It seems that the Formula being used in Excel is in the Italian Format.

O being Equivalent to OR and IDENTICO being equivalent to EXACT.

Hi @supermanPunch

It’s right, but beyond the language why do I get “@” when I select the range from another sheet?

Any suggestion?


@salvatore.quimi ,
Maybe you could try Changing the Language in Excel Settings.

Open Excel ->Options->Language->English->Set as Preferred->OK

Let us know if this is not a possibility.

HI @supermanPunch

I have already tried changing the language settings but I have the same issue.

Another suggestion?

Thanks in advanced!!!


@salvatore.quimi ,

Although I may not be entirely sure, it might be a new notation in Excel formula because of the Update.
Take a look at the below post :

Was your Excel/ Microsoft Office got updated recently or do you have the newest version of the Excel ?

Hi @supermanPunch,

finally I change the formula into Vlookup and this it works.
“=IF(VLOOKUP(M2, A:A, 1)=M2,” +“True” +"," +“False)”


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