Write excel formula

when i use writeCell to write a formula in excel colum

In my excel i see “=**@**ANNULLA.SPAZI(N2)”



This looks fine

May I know what issue you are facing


The issue is the @

So is this the exact formula you want to type in a cell

And I can see cell Is mentioned as range
Usually in write cell we need to mention only a specific cell

So is it like you wan to drag that formula for certain number of rows


I want write “=ANNULLA.SPAZI(N2)”

but the writecell activity write "“=@ANNULLA.SPAZI(N2)”…it add the @

As far as I can tell, ANNULLA.SPAZI translates to TRIM in english, I did some test, and found the functionality is working as expected in my install and did not produce @ symbols, and also didn’t mind (was forgiving) using a range of cells as a parameter and used dynamic reference appropriately.

I know this isn’t helpful, but I did have a look, perhaps it is the use of a dot operator, but I’m unsure.

Good luck


I ran from my side without any data and it looks fine

Pls upgrade your excel package and give a try

Go to Design tab → manage packages-> project dependencies-> upgrade uipath.Excel activity package

Cheers @d_liberati

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