Celebrating the community

Hi all,

Today is a great day for all of us, the UiPath Community! Three years has passed since the creation of this forum. Once I told a great person of this community that the forum was already a part of my personal life, she knows who I am talking about. I have no words to thank you for everything @ovi , @Badita, @loginError :star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes:

Three fantastic years full of surprises, changes and great moments. Each of us has a favorite moment in the community, mine is very simple but it changed my life.
Three years ago I was a developer with many doubts. I remember I was afraid to write my first post, I thought maybe my problem was very silly… That’s why my best moment in the community is when I received the first forum responses, I felt comfortable, in a friendly environment!! I felt safe to express my doubts and safe to help others.

My wish for the future is to see how the UiPath community grows, changing the world, breaking the gender barrer and showing the world a place and a community where developers, men or women, feel safe to improve professionally and personally.

And all of this would not be possible without the help of @aksh1yadav, @richarddenton and @Lucas.Pimenta jeje I am intrigued to know what was your best moment in the forum and your future foruming wish!!!

HAPPY FORUMING TO ALL OF YOU!!! :robot::partying_face::cake: :robot::partying_face::cake: :robot::partying_face::cake:


Excellent work Team…

Really proud to be part of such community!

Cheers mates: @HareeshMR, @Palaniyappan,


Happy foruming to you as well @Susana
I hope its 1000 DAY anniversary for @badita, my best wishes to him as well



Thank you so much for your kind words @Susana! :blush:

We are honoured to have so many smart people join our Forum and help each other. You rock everybody! :metal::love_you_gesture:

Please don’t hesitate to contact as at @Forum_Staff if you would like to provide feedback about your Forum experience. We are always listening! :slight_smile:


You are right @Susana. No words to explain what I learnt and how the forum helps me in improving my skills personally and professionally. I would like to thank each and every mate here on this forum day :smiley:

@hacky, thank you mate… tagging someone to hear something in their words @lakshman @Jan_Brian_Despi @sandeep13 @Divyashreem @PrankurJoshi @Lahiru.Fernando @DanielMitchell and missed @pattyricarte


@Susana :heart:
As a “fresh member” on this boat (since April) it’s nice for me to see these words :slight_smile: I know that my knowledge and experience will bring the profit in the future like they are doing it already (I hope :sweat_smile:). Anyway as a Forum Team member I’m proud to be the part of such great community and be able to work, co-operate and what’s more important help here. :mechanical_arm:

Into the sky! :rocket:


OMG, three years passed already? It seems like I started in the Forum yesterday! lol. The UiPath Forum was a life changer to me. Not just in business but also in my personal life. I did not just learned a lot of things here but also made a lot of friends :slight_smile: With the Forum it was possible to met some members in person like @badita, @ovi and @loginerror and they are fantastic!

You probably don’t know but these three people are the heart and the workforce of this Forum. They have Super Powers!

  • @badita has the power of the Intelligence: He’s so smart and his RPA Challenges was so hard! haha. When I met him in Miami we talked about a lot of stuff and I saw how the Forum was important to him and how much effort his putting into it. Thank you very much for all of this Badita! You’re awesome and I consider you as a big friend of mine!

  • @ovi has the power of Kindness: I never met a girl so kind as Ovi. When help was needed she was there! She is an amazing person and helped me a lot in here! All the doubts I had and all the help I needed she was there for supporting me. Not just me but all of you here in the Forum! She’s amazing and the Forum is lucky to having her! Thank you very much Ovi! It was a pleasure to met you and remember: The Forum is nothing without you!

  • @loginerror has the power of Control: When I first met Maciej, he was starting in the Forum and I didn’t know him well. But in a very short time all the Forum began to be organized and a lot of features began to emmerge. It was Maciej using his Super Power! It’s very hard to keep an Forum organized and to keep it in that way… but he’s awesome! He improved the Forum like no one else! I learned a lot from them about how to organize something :rofl: and how to do everything with passion like he does! Thank you very much Maciej! You’re the best!

@badita, @ovi, @loginerror you’re like the Avengers of the UiPath Forum! Thank you very much for all your effort to bring to us such an amazing platform!! These three years of success is because of you!

HAPPY FORUMING TO ALL OF YOU!!! :robot::partying_face::cake::robot::partying_face::cake::robot::partying_face::cake:

As part of the Foruming, let’s tag someone to write something nice too! Here’s my tag: @ClaytonM and @Lahiru.Fernando


Happy foruming to all. Catch you all later when i finish the project :smiley:


Happy Anniversary UiPath Forum Community.I don’t feel it passed three years. Each and every day it is very curious to reply user’s questions.The forum is the right place to learn more. Especially some of them are induced me to develop more custom activities. It is wonderful journey. Keep going and rocking. Personally I have to say thanks to all , @loginerror, @ovi , @badita and @Andreea_Stroe (UiPath Go). Finally the Hero of UiPath Mr.Daniel Dines

Thank you


HAPPY FORUMING TO ALL OF YOU!!! :robot::partying_face::cake: :robot::partying_face::cake: :robot::partying_face::cake:

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


Thank you @Lucas.Pimenta and @HareeshMR for tagging me…

Wow… I never noticed that three years had passed… Actually, when thinking, I have been here for almost close to 1 year now… time flies like crazy…

For me, this forum has become a part of my daily life. Actually, I get up checking the forum notifications and replying to them. and goes to bed checking the forum… and even while working, I check the forum… :rofl::rofl: I think I should leave my job and get a job here in the forum hahahaha lol

It’s been a fantastic time here in the forum. I really feel like home here. and the people I got to know here, they are so close friends of mine. So friendly, kind and always looking to help… This is the best forum ever…

When I first started at the beginning of this year, @nimin @nadim.warsi are the two guys who helped me to get on board here… If not to them, I wouldn’t have really started my foruming here. They are the one’s who inspired me… I learnt quite a lot by hanging around in the forum helping and having fun… The best part in this forum is, we have lot of space to learn, and to have fun whenever and where ever we need. That’s what makes this community so awesome…

I started quite interesting initiatives lately. @ClaytonM and @Lucas.Pimenta are the two MVP’s who were behind me, motivating me, teaching and improving me to become who I am now. Additionally, @jogayon001 & @Jan_Brian_Despi are the two greatest friends I found here…

These two are like brothers to me, for anything I don’t know, they are the first to reach out. Next one is, @ShreyaSharma is one of the very very best friends I have here in the forum. @ShreyaSharma is like a sister for me. Always behind me, bugging me to learn all kind of stuff… I learn a lot from them too… I have a great family here…

It’s an awesome place to be… I have lot more people who I have not mentioned here. I don’t know whether I can tag them all. don’t get offended for not tagging guys… You guys are really the best!!

And for our UiPath avengers lucas mentioned - the true avengers in the forum, you guys rock!!.. Hope I will have some super powers like they have some day to contribute better to our great forum…

It’s an honor to be a part of this great and awesome community… You guys are my heros here!!

Happy foruming guys…


Happy Forumversary everyone! :blush: It’s amazing how many awesome things happen here! :rocket:


@Lahiru.Fernando :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks @HareeshMR for tagging me.
Happy Anniversary UiPath forum community
Time files…:airplane::airplane:
like @Lahiru.Fernando this forum has become a part of life also.
Always learning from fourm
Meet amazing friend like @Lahiru.Fernando @HareeshMR @Jan_Brian_Despi
Special thank to @Andreea_Stroe (uipath Go) and @RazvanC


Happy Anniversary UiPath Forum! Happy Automation!



Happy Anniversary to UiPath Forum

Happy Automation

Ashwin S


Hey All…!!

I am backkkkkkkkkk… YaY…!! #kidding

I am here and i will be here only can not leave my addiction so easily :slight_smile:

So Why I am here again… because :arrow_double_down:

Today is a great day

  • For Me
  • For U
  • For Us

Forum is a key mean for me to connect with thousand of users across the globe. :handshake:

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is more powerful than physical strength and no great work can be done without knowledge it.
I have grown into something in past 3 years due to your intiative @badita and old badita @qwertyuiop if i am not wriong :slight_smile:

and thanks a ton to @ovi @loginerror to create such an amazing community experience and environemnt for each of community memeber including me.

I just wanted to thanks @badita @ovi and @loginerror

And Specially @badita - Love you 3000 :slight_smile: :heart:

ahh common don be sad @ovi and @loginerror

@ovi - Love you 2000 :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:
@loginerror - love you 2000 :wink: :heart:


On this special occasion – ‘3 year Forum Anniversary ‘, I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to share my knowledge with you all and Vice a versa… :wink:

Three fantastic years full of surprises, changes and great moment…!!

Thank you for being a part of my journey and thanks to each of you for allowing me to be a part of your Knowledge sharing journey all of you community guys :slight_smile:

How i started my Uipath Journey -

Note - please be ready with Tea or some snacks if you wanna read it all :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well let me go to past days…

once upon a time… :rofl: :rofl:

So it was around October, 2016. i got to know about Uipath Forum from one of senior colleague.
I was excited to check it out because i was just a developer(just a common man :p) at that time was not a UiPath Developer :slight_smile: @badita :stuck_out_tongue:

So it got started. Slowly i felt that it has become my second home :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: and still having the same vibes.

and then i got a chance after 4 months to meet Mihai Badita (Mr. RockStar) at Uipath Bangalore Office. It was really awesome Saturday/ Sunday (pardon me i forgot :stuck_out_tongue: the day) evening along with dinner :slight_smile: Gotcha it was Saturday because Sunday morning again i was there :stuck_out_tongue:

the conversations we shared on coffee on Sunday morning at office rooftop and my short interview taken by u :stuck_out_tongue: (with a puzzle :rofl: ). all it seems like just happened yesterday :slight_smile:

and after that experienced same amazing vibes with @ovi in Dev conf Bangalore and With @loginerror in London.

I have to say due to forum i have encountered with a lot of friends some of them are @badita @andrzej.kniola @acaciomelo, Lucas.Pimenta, Susana (My old Colleagues Friends) @richarddenton @vvaidya, Ovi, Florent_Salendres, Clayton, Ddpali (sorry can not tag more then 10 :stuck_out_tongue: hoe you won’t mind ) and still counting many more whom i am connected on various social media platform

Above sequence is itself showing their entries in my life :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

just grateful to have such collaborative environment which helped and still helping and it will be to thousands of users like me to learn to share to try to concur and to become champion .

Happy Foruming…

Keep Learning keep Rocking… Keep Sharing…!!

Yours Truly @aksh1yadav (Akshay Yadav not Aakash :rofl:)



Happy Anniversary Forum! Thank you for creating this kind of community wherein ideas are everywhere. Thru this newbie like me helps a lot. More years to come!

Keep on Automating.


I think I should mention my RPA journey as well…

This is gonna start somewhere in January 1990 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: - because that’s when I was born :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of you guys already know this story. but let me tell again
So my RPA journey started in January 2019. The company I work for, wanted to get a partnership with UiPath. So, they were planning to get it done in February 13th and they asked us to do the certification. My domain is not really from RPA. I’m from data warehousing industry, and that’s the first time I heard of UiPath and RPA… Some how, I had this crazy interest in robotics… So I slowly started looking at it…

Actually, I started to learn RPA on 29th January. So we had very very limited days to 13th Feb to get the partnership. When I started, some of our guys in the company had already started on it. Back then, it was like a race. Lot of people started learning… and I kept on going… somehow, slowly… when, it’s getting to advanced levels, lot of people started dropping off from the game.

had many reasons. its not their primary domain… working extra… bla bla stuff… Somehow I kept on going… and the entire company was watching me whether I will complete it or not… I was like the only hope. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: - The most wanted guy.

So this event was on 13th Feb. and by 12th Feb, I was done with all the courses in academy and with the first part of the final exams. I had the practical exam to be done… and these guys were always behind me asking “did you do it?” They didn’t allow me to take my lunch even hahahaha… and I was also stressed because of that…

Somehow, I started the exam on 12th evening… just took 2 hours and I was done… heart beating moment… and I was certified… :rofl:

So because of me… the next day, they got the partnership… and I am still famous here for that crazy effort. I got the certification just within 2 weeks.

Since then, I started learning RPA, UiPath like a crazy guy… doing everything I can… automating things that I can… creating awesome components, preparing tutorials and sharing here, consulting on different issues for guys here in the forum… I also started a RPA team in the company… did internal automations, leading the teams… now engaging in pre-sales activities… it was and is an awesome journey… And that’s how I got in to RPA… and the forum was my best friend during that time and will remain the same…

I’m in love with the forum :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Foruming to all!! :cupcake: