Case sensitivity in naming Variables and Arguments

Usually, I will use camel- and pascal-casing to name arguments and variables. I do no use hungarian notation, I try to keep my naming short and sweet.


In a workflow that has an Out-argument named firstName (camel-case), I will likely use FirstName as a local variable during processing, and then use an assign activity to set firstName = FirstName, thus passing the value of my local variable back to the calling workflow through the firstName argument.


Are variables and arguments case sensitive in UiPath? And if so, why does it not always recognize variable/argument names when using intellisense/autocomplete?


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No. Both are Case Insensitive in Uipath.

Buddy @jjes

In uipath the variables and arguments are not case sensitive, always,
even if we try to change the camelcase to pascalcase or any other case
it will throw error even while typing
and intellisense would help us to avoid this sort of error as it would list us the variable we have defined in the scope of that activity
For more info on this

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Buddy @jjes
Kindly check with this, VARIABLE and ARGUMENTS are NOT CASE SENSITIVES

Cheers @jjes

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