What is the standard practice for naming variable, arguments and workflows that is followed across industries?

What is the naming convention used in UiPath projects for variables, arguments, sequences and workflows? For variable names I prefer camel case and if it is a Data Table variable I add ‘_dt’ to the name of variable just to distinguish it from other variables. I am curious what is the right way to do it. What is the standard practice (if any) for naming the variable or argument that is followed in the automation industry.

Hi @kumar.varun2 !
In my case, if I am in a workflow out of the main workflow, the arguments have “in_” or “out_” names, if it’s both in/out then i don’t precise anything.
For lists or arrays I precise it in the name like “array_of_” or “list_of_”
For datatables or datarows or datacolumns, i use “_DT” or “_DR” or “_DC”

If others have a different way to handle it I am interested to learn !

nice to know.

Hi @kumar.varun2

These are the methods I would use always,

  1. If its string datatype and username strUsername (these are called camelcase formatting bused in all programming languages) and if it’s int datatype and may be used for counter then it is intCounter

So it’s variables datatypes first (str,int,bool etc) and then the actual name (username, password,email etc)

  1. For datatable I would use dtTable or dtSourcetable or dtUsertable based on the excel data.

  2. For arguments put in_username(for in argument) ,out_username(for out argument) , in_out_username(for in/out arguments)

Thanks for sharing your insights.