Capturing the dynamic text from the screen

Hi, I want to extract the whole text on right side of Client Name:? But the position of the Client Name is changing sometime it’s coming in left side of the screen so sometime on right side of the screen?
Can we extract the text if the position of the text is changing??

If you see the Client Name field s changing??
Expected Extracted Text is highlighted in yellow

Can we use here Anchor base activity, How can I use this please guide ???

@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando please help

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Yah I was about to suggest that
Anchor Base would help us here
Where in the left side of the activity we can choose FIND ELEMENT and in the right side we can use GET TEXT activity

And if this is not a idea based topic I would like to change this to build category


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sorry I didn’t understand bro, and I am not able to change the category here ??

so in find element do we have to capture the Client Name: ???

And in Get Text All text after Client Name: Is it ???

Here I am not able to edit the Selector??

Why directly pasting image is not working ??? @loginerror

I changed the topic category buddy no worries
And for this

Exactly pls go ahead
Cheers @balkishan

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did the same Palani but not able to edit the Selector?? Here text will be dynamic…

hi @balkishan I think u need to make the selector of find element Dynamic.

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This is an expected behaviour. It comes from the fact that the Anchor Base doesn’t need a full selector to do it’s job. It is supposed to find your image on the left and then match the element signified by the last bit of the selector that is chosen automatically here.

Cheers @balkishan

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It’s not working, even first I made the Get Text selector dynamic outside of the anchor base then paste it in the right side of anchor. But it’s not working


Is it used inside any attach window or if a browser within open or attach browser

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No It’s outside neither Attached browser nor within open browser. I don’t want to use Attach Browser and use this into inside open browser.

But I hope it should be work if we don’t use inside the browser or attached window

So is it like inside any application
If so use attach window and keep inside it

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are u working on website or application? If u are working on website interface then u dont need to make anything dynamic.It will work fine.

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It’s a web based but it’s not working

Then why we didn’t use attach browser or open browser and use this anchor base inside it

Hi Palani, When I create a new topic I am not able to select the Tag??
I am facing this issue after upgrading by UiPath
Even I am not able to paste the Pic in editor also.

Please help I am not able to create any new topic bcz not able to select the tag category

Relogin once and try pls

Please check it on different browser if needed. First you need to choose category and then you can use tags.

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