Capture Uipath runtime execution error during RPA execution

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I’m trying to capture error produced by Uipath itself and email the screenshot to developer, however, I only able to capture the application image without the error from Uipath because the if Uipath producing the runtime error, the automation will stop.

This including the try catch that I use in order to capture Uipath’s runtime error. The simulated error below as an example. I just want to capture runtime error from Uipath, is there any way to do this?


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This error usually occurs when the variable has no value in it or has null value – in the activity where this error occurs,
–kindly check once with the variable passed to the for each row loop whether that datatable has rows in it or not
–or initiate with new in the variable panel for that datatable variable

and to handle this error we can TRY CATCH ACTIVITY with catch block having exception like SYSTEM.EXCEPTION
–so that once this error occurs it will go to catch block and we can include any activity we want to carry forward from there

Try catch will work for sure
hope ths would help you
kindly let us know for any queries or clarification

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Those error image posted is just an example for runtime error produced by Uipath.

I want to screenshot the runtime error itself. I try using Try-Catch to capture the runtime error and unable to capture the runtime error from Uipath as automation will stop if that error occurred during execution.

I already tried the screenshot method from RE Framework, still no success.

Thanks for the reply.

The error will be displayed after stopping the bot @chakri. Instead you can do one thing, You will use the same for each in try catch and then, in the exception, you will get the message. so you can send a mail in catch activity.

Hi, currently I’ve been doing that way. I just wanted to attach screenshot in the exception message email. Been trying to find solution for this…

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I don’t think there is a way to do @chakri :slight_smile:

Noted. Thank you guys for the reply :wink: