Capture the screen and use outlook send html format email issue

Hi all

I had a flow that will capture some screen and then using outlook to send out email via html insert image in body. The image suddenly cannot shown start from last Sat. Is it Microsoft or Uipath issue?

My Flow


Work fine display

Image cannot show start from 28 Nov 20 (attached image is fine, just cannot show in body)

Hi @bschk
I think issue is that image that u had attached in mail body by outlook activity is not seen

I think u had include the image file from ur machine itself, so instead of adding filepath of image in HTML. Upload the image to some cloud storage and then use the url to be inserted as path in HTML code.

This will definitely work

Hope it helps

Nived N
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Thx for reply, but it work perfect in this few week.

Hi @bschk can u try this one

Hi @bschk

Use this methods to add images from a folder through sending an mail
( AttachmentType )( oAttachmentvar )=new Attachment( Imagepath )
while using send smtp activity/Outlook activity you need pass Argument values as your "Imagepath"

find below workflow for References.

SendingImage_mail.xaml (7.6 KB)

Hope this helps,


Thx all, I had saved the image to NAS and then attach the link in body, it fixed.

You need to convert the image file to base64 format then put the base64 format string into your email body. This way you can simply delete the image afterwards without having to store it in any NAS or cloud storage…

Use my workflow to convert image to base64 string:
pass in your image path and it will output a string

Just put this string into your email html body and its good to goConvertImageToBase64.xaml (5.5 KB)

Your image will have to be png, if you want it to be jpg change the “png” here to “jpg”

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Thx, I will study it.

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