Can we create string as variable

i want to make aaname as string variable
can we do that
but string is <webctrl aaname=‘*Other risk assessment procedures’
how to make this dynamic

kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @shivanipawar


Try This:<webctrl aaname=’*“+YourStringVariableName+”’

iam getting this error i tried that
Get Text ‘A’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

@shivanipawar : It means Bot is not able to find the element with that selector, but your case to make aaname dynamic is achieved.

if you are using latest version then we would be able to create a variable in selector editor itself as per the previous comment
if its a older version
then we can mention like
’ " + variablename.ToString + " ’
make sure that variable has some value in it
else we will be getting this error

Cheers @shivanipawar

so my doubt is
i want all data from web
bt there is not export option
this options are all functionalities if we will click it will open some other stuff
so i want all the functionalities name in one excel sheet
i tried everything
so i got one solution is
1 image exist activity set as boolean variable if the variable become true it will go to flow decision activity
once it is true . i am using send hotkey activity pg down
it will down the page till it reaches to an end
but after reaching to an end also image exist is showing true
robot should stop once it reaches to end
it is keep on running only