Can't use F2 to delay recording

I have tried adding F2 in the keyboardmappings.xml file too but i am unable to use the F2 key to delay the recording

See there will be Alternate Function key to switch back as F2.

can you please help me with the “CommandName” for delaying recording in keyboard mapping

i cannot find any alternate fn key for the same

take a screenshot of your keyboard and paste here…

the physical keyboard?

@jamnanin You can use Function key + F2

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yes… to address your concern… need more details like what is the operating system ?
what type of keyboard you are using… etc…

please find this info… may be useful to find alternate keys… for F2.

oh!! theres no alternate function key on F2.

You don’t need to add F2 key in side the keyboardmappings.xml.
Just press F2 Key on your key board while recording… it will stop recording… and you can see a timer… on the right hand side…

Wouldn’t have posted if it had worked

tried that too but its still not working

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Your keyboard is a normal keyboard. So first enable record option on your UiPath as a first step.
second step… press F2 (Function key) on your key board… and it will stop UiPath recording for 3 seconds.

Give a try…

it works on other computers but not on this…all other function keys work but not the f2 key…can i use any other key for the same functionality?

sorry guys…its the problem with my keyboard…not uipath…the F2 key doesnt work

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Hi @jamnanin - You can try using “on screen keyboard” feature in windows.


yes this will work


yes pruthvi…thanks