Can't select Excel cell menu option after menu popup

I need to open the cell formatting dialog for an excel 2010 cell.
I am able to popup the cell’s contextual menu by means of Shift+f10 through a Send Hotkey activity. After that, I need to invoke shortcut “f”, which opens the formatting dialog. I tried both with Send Hotkey and Type Into, with no luck. The “f” gets written in the cell.


  • select cell by Select Range (eg A1:A1) -> OK
  • send hotkey “Shift+f10” to open context menu -> OK menu pops up
  • send hotkey “f” -> FAIL cell contents are replaced by “f”
  • same with Type Into

It seems that the robot can’t direct the key to the popup menu element.


hi @prepetti,
I have 2 ways for your issue:

  1. Ctrl+1 is better than Shift+F10 => "f"ormat
  2. “Indicate element inside window” in SendHotkey to selector “Format Cells” in Excel



There’re many ways to bring up Format Cells dialog box.

  1. Select cell by Select Range (eg A1:A1) -> OK
  2. Send hotkey: Alt+hoe -> OK