Not able to read excel data by using read rang

we have a large no of data in the excel file which will be more than 1lakh I am using read rang activity to count the data but I am getting Could not read range . please help me with your suggestion


@Chauhan_Nagesh Its not due to large number o data. are you using excel scope?


Just you want to find out the number of rows in that excel file right ?

If yes then use Workbook Read Range activity to read the data from Excel file. It will give output as DataTable. Let’s say dtInput. And then try below expression to find out the number of rows.


Hello @Chauhan_Nagesh

If you are using modern design, do as below.

  1. use “use excel activity” and select excel.
    2)use read range activity and select the sheet
    3)use assign message box and give “yourDT.rows.count”

yourDT is the datatable from the read range activity.

HI @Chauhan_Nagesh

Have you tried with Workbook Read Range activity Instead of Excel activity.

If possible share the dummy excel file with us?

Can you share the Version of Studio and activities


have use Workbook read rang but i got the same error

Hi @Chauhan_Nagesh

Share the above detail it could be helpful to resolve your query


Thanks for your Response the issue is resolved there was an unwanted data in excel sheet that’s why bot is not able to read the file

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