Can't publish project to orchestrator

Can’t publish project to orchestrator.
Please refer the screenshot

This error occured while running the project or publishing?

Hello @anussark

In order to publish the project to Orchestrator, the project should be free from errors. The best way to check the errors in the entire solution is to you use validate option in the Studio. Go to Validation and select Validate all.

This will show you if there are any errors like that and then you address those accordingly before publishing to Orchestrator.

but from the error I see, it looks like an error that comes when it is executing. So can you tell me, at what point you are getting the error? is it when running or publishing? or when running the published solution through orchestrator?

Hi Lahiru,

The project is running fine from studio.

During publishing to orchestrator

During publishing

Can you plz check size of project folder. Should be less than 30 MB.

Doesn’t this error show up during the Validation?

No as it running perfectly from studio


I guess the file which has errors not may be part of your process and that’s why it’s running successfully. But when come to publishing project it will check each and every xaml file. Please check once whether you created any extra xaml file to test something and forgot to delete it. Here, problem with that other xaml files.