Can't indicate to the edge save as button

I think it begins from 2023/06/05, It’s always Okay before.

Here is the situation:
By click download button from web page, on the right top will pop up a download window.
then UiPath can’t click any UI object in this pop window,
in design mode, UiPath still can’t indicate any UI object in this window,
so I click the whole little window instead, and going to set anchor,suddenly UiPath can indicate any UI object now…
after click confirm and close the indicate mode.
I indicate it again ,and UiPath work normal, and it can run perfectly.

but if I close the Edge,and open the page again ,UiPath fail again.

what a strange situation …


Looks like the issue is with the update of the browser…can you please check the below thread

Hope this helps. If not we can take it further


Thanks for you information.
Yes, It’s the same issue.

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