Can't get UIPath to recognize selectors in Nitro Pro desktop application

I’m working on a project that needs to open a pdf in NitroPDF and extract pages. The problem I’m running into is that UIPath isn’t recognizing any of the Click activities. Whether I use desktop recorder, or manually add click activities, it just doesn’t seem to want to respond to the NitroPDF program itself. Am I missing anything? Any help would be appreciated.

Can you try with Click Image ?

I ended up figuring it out. The selector had an extra line in it that was preventing UIPath from recognizing it. Once I deleted that it was working fine, even though it was the selector that UIPath generated.

Hi @sweetduder

Could you share which line you deleted?

Thanks =D

Figured it out too!

I removed the role=‘push button’ /> from the last line and then it worked