Not able to get selector on single element using Adobe Reader 2021.005.20060

Hello all,
I’m not able to get selector on single element in PDF page.
I’m using uiPath Studio 2021.4.4.
I find similar problem’s here for older version of Adobe, but nothing explained there as solution helps in my case.
Using outdated version of Adobe is out of question, because of security issues.

Can somebody helps? What other tricks I can use?

Hi @imihevc
May be your pdf is not in the structured format

If you need to extract from PDF you can try regex also


I’m relatively new to UiPath, so regex is out of question for now, and I’m trying to follow some guide how to do some things in UiPath. It is very discouraging to see that some such basic things from the tutorials do not work. :frowning:

Hi @imihevc ,
If your selector doesn’t work , then try to do it with visual tree. It may resolve your problem.

Nirmalya Sarkar.