Can't get rid of Excel Message


I’m not having any luck with this. I have this error message that comes up every time I open the file. I’ve tried click Continue, Click Exit, and send hot key Enter. (47.2 KB)
I get a message on another spreadsheet I am working with and haven’t been able to get through that one either without manually clicking through it. Any suggestions? I’ve looked through all of the previous messages but none of the options I found seem to work. The bot just sits there, never timing out or clicking or anything. I’ve even tried element exists to see if it would pick it up that way.
I’m using 2018.4.4 Enterprise edition


Go to File->Options->Advanced and Uncheck the “Ask to update automatic links” option and try.

Already did that. It doesn’t stick. I need to be able to click through the error because the other file I need it for changes regularly.

Try invoke VBA and application.displayalerts=false

I get this.


in excel file options trust settings enable vba

Is there any solution that doesn’t require me to change settings? I don’t want the process to break every time it gets moved to a new computer.

@alicat0818 Open the Excel using Start process activity and then close the Dialog box that pops up using click activity then you can read using Excel Application scope it wont give any pop up.

Make the Continue on Error Property of Click Activity to true so that it works if the pop up does not turn up as well.

@alicat0818, I’m not sure what operations you are performing in excel however if you are simply reading or writing then you can go with workbook commands. as it doesn’t interact with MS Excel, your bot won’t face that pop up again. Cheer!!

That worked. Thanks.

I try not to use the start process way of doing things because you can’t make any changes to the workbook because the robot is using a read-only file at that point.

I usually do it by using a parallel activity scope. On the left side would be your normal activities. On the right side use a click activity to interact with the dialog box. If this does not pop up every time, then make sure the ‘ContinueOnError’ property is set to ‘True’.

This is applicable for any application that has a secondary dialog box pop up that interferes with actions on the main application