Can't get process exception

Hello, I’m trying to get from my for each activity the exception from the queue.

So I have a string variable to contain the exception error.
Then I use Assign activity my variable = item.ProcessingException.ToString

I receive the error: Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I know that this error is because of the failed status exception.
But somehow I think there is a way to get from all queue and it will not depends is it failed, new or successful…

Thanks in advance

I found my own solution.
Basically when status is different from FAILED, you can’t get the ProcessException,
so you need IF statement.
If the status is different from FAILED. I’m taking my Specific Content that I need with the Status.
Otherwise when status is FAILED. I’m taking again my Specific Content, Status and ProcessException.

This block of sequence is in Process Transaction on exit area in REFramework.
After every single transaction no matter is it successful or not it will add new row to my excel.

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