Queue status getting updated to successfull even when system/application exception occurs

Hi All,
I have a process where the queue item is getting updated as successful instead of a failure in the orchestrator even though an application/system exception occurred.
I am handling such exception in the Process.xaml itself by sending mails to the required team but the queue status is wrongly getting updated.
I have debugged the the project but still can’t pin point the root cause. Have you come across such scenario?

Any ideas what might be happening?

Sunny Jha

I think , you has set the status in Set Transaction Status Wrongly.
Please condition and Set transaction Status.

It will be caused by Process.xaml completing successfully, not throwing an error out to the main.xaml portion of the REFramework.

If you’re handling errors in the process.xaml you will need to either throw an error after the exception messages are sent OR pass back that a failure occured during the process.xaml so that the outer xaml can route it appropriately.


@Kane_Baden1 is correct. Since you are handling the exception using Try Catch activity, the error is considered resolved. If you need it to update Orchestrator with the error details, Add Rethrow activity in the Catch sequence after sending mails. You can also throw a new error with a user friendly error message if you like.

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Hi ,

just do debug in process state and keep checking on System Exception argument and variable and check when they are coming out of process.xaml they are not getting empty or changed.

If everything is going correct then in Set TransactionStatus.xaml check in Exception block what status is getting updated.

Thanks you all! After the emails were sent in the Process.xaml for exceptions there was another xaml to close the applications which had an out_SystemException argument and it was overwriting the previous value with null. And thus the SystemException message was not getting passed out of Process.xaml

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