Cannot use Processinexception on queue item


So I have seen on the forum people obtaining the reason from a queue item:

Unable to get the Processing Exception reason from a Queue Item - Help - UiPath Community Forum

But I cannot seem to achieve this.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

if Q is a collection of QueueItems set typeargument to QueueItem and use the variable you used for the for each item (in your screenshot row, but it is preferred to have a better name e.g. item)

In case of QueueItems was set to status success the ProcessingException will be null and would raise an exception

What is Q? Why do you have row in your For Each, but then reference item? I suspect you need to make sure your ForEach TypeArgument is set to QueueItem, and change row to item in your For Each definition.

Please look on below, we have failed status and but no processing exception