Can't Find Variable type included in Data Table Example


I am using what I learned in this example but can’t find the variable type used:

In the example the variable type displayed in the Variable type column is List.

When I click on the Variable type field this detailed description is displayed:

I tried typing both variants into the Browse for types search with no success.

From this example:
Remove Data Row/Column (



This is a list of datarows. Odd thing to do. A datatable would be better.

Hi @worldwynj ,

Could you tell us what was searched and what is required ?


I read through their example and honestly it seems like it was written by someone with not much experience coding. The steps they have there are an attempt to show how to use the activities, but as an actual process it makes no sense.

I am using ‘for each row’ to iterate through a datatable to create a collection of datarows that I wish to delete. I then use ‘for each row’ again to iterate through the collection to delete the identified rows. Very much parallel to the UiPath example.

What is a better way to do this?


@worldwynj ,

If a Filtered Datatable is the output that is expected based on some conditions, then you could try using the Filter Datatable Activity. Maybe more of a Direct approach than collecting and deleting the identified rows.

We could go for a Linq approach as well if it doesn’t work with the Filter Datatable Activity.

Filter Datatable literally does all that in one step. That’s how you’d do it in the real world. Their example is doing it a roundabout way, apparently in an attempt to show some concepts and teach some things.