Can't execute 'Run from this Activity' while there are validation errors

i am trying to open an excel (macro file ) and run the macro by using click activity but i get but i get the below validation error.


Is there any validation error at another activity in your workflow? Can you check in ErrorList panel, too?


Hello @usama_hasan

Check in your project whether you are able to find any error symbol. Hope the error is happening from some other activity.

You can go to Analyse file as below in studio-> validate project

Then share the error here.


@Yoichi thanks for your prompt support , i am new in Uipath so it might be silly question, i checked as per your advise and i got the below error but i all use activites i used i have inserted the file path i did not get the error clearly.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan thanks for your prompt support, i went to analyse and i got the attached error ,and it recommended to use relative path instead of absolute path .i just picked the folder path through activity itself.


I think the above is warning and it doesn’t cause your problem. Is there any error (red exclamation mark) in your workflow? And can you check ErrorList when error occurs?


Hello ,
yes there is error ,which is occure because of that Uİ could not find the element to click after opening the excel but i think the opening activity does not working properly therefore it could not find the element to click on .