Can't call the imported arguments

Hi all,
i’m currently doing the RPA advanced developer training.
i can"t call the imported argument from invoked workflow(ACME_DataScraping.xaml) in an IF activity. The invoked workflow stores data as data row in the “out_WorkItems” Argument. And then i cant call it in the main sequence in the IF activity. The screen Shot is attached. Plz do help me. I’ve been struggling with this project for days.

(P.S. I did saved the workflow after importing)

You have to assign out_WorkItems to a value in order to use it in an If condition.

I’ve saved the output of the ACME_DataScraping.xaml directly in to that argument. So it already has a value.

Your screenshot indicates that you have not assigned a value.

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I’ve assigned a value for that argument by an assign activity. So how can i assign it again in the import arguments panel. i’m totaly confused :frowning_face:

You have to assign the variable in the place I’ve highlighted. Otherwise the data will not be output from the workflow.

So should i Store the output of my workflow in a variable and then create the argument and assign that variable to that argument? I don’t know if its right but i’ve tried that and the variable is’nt showing up since its scope is limited to the invoked workflow.

Can you please explain the process from storing the output of the workflow up to where it is imported? I’m struggling a lot to get this done.

You store the output in a variable, but you won’t have to create another argument, as you already have created it. If it’s the scope that is a problem, you can increase the scope of the variable under the Variables panel.


Okay. :grinning: Thanks a lot. Let me look in to it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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