Cann't change selector

Kind of selector: full
Kind of activity: Type into
Application: webbased

In wanted to change a idx=01 id=id_question40 in my selector by a more
reliable one because de the position of the idx ad id changes frequently.
I changes it by an aaname= “text…” ,
But after vailidating it, checking it bij highlicht and klik OK and save it, this changes worked. But when opened the selector to look at the changes, I saw that the changed selector was replaced by the original one.
I tried it by a new Type into, but without succes.
It din’t mather what I did, the selector was always replaced by the original one.

Please help!

Yeah, ofcourse it will show the old one when you run and reopen it similar to the arguments while invoking a workflow. so try to pass the selector using a variable which is a better way to pass dynamic selectors

Try editing your selector in Selector Editor like this: