Cannot use variable for value field? Filter Data table activity

Hello Team UiPath,

I am looking for a solution wherein I am trying to filter data table values but not a static filtering but dynamic using variable in value field.

The variable contains value of each row from excel sheet.

Hi @Rajesh_Shet,

Is it throwing you any error upon trying to use a variable as I see its allowed?


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You can store the value in Variable, So everytime loops runs it will change the value
So what’s the issue you are facing?


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No Sonali, it is not throwing any error, its just not showing filtered values. please see the video I attached.

Thanks for your help guys @sonaliaggarwal47 and @Srini84 , I could figure out where I was I wrong, I was using “Data table” variable in Filter data table value field, whereas I was supposed to row value :sweat_smile: my bad. Thanks again both of you.

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