Filter Data Table Activity not working with variables

I have an issue where filtering either with a string in “Value”, for example {“1”, “2”,“3”} doesn’t work (does not filter on rows containing those values, and similarly, if I put 1,2,3 in a string variable, it doesn’t work. It works however, if I put one “1”, and then and “2”, and “3” etc. However I have some rules with a lot of values, so I’d like to chain them together.

Is this possible in FilterDataTable?

My question is really, is it possible to filter on a string where it’s enough that the value contains one of the values in the string, as something like SELECT * FROM column WHERE value IN variable?


Have you tried sticking your Filter Data Table into a For Each or Do While block to iterate through your values?

Three DataTables:
varDataTable = Contains all the raw data
varMergeDT = Contains the value-Filtered DataTable
varFinalDT = Contains the completed DataTable of all the values filtered for

For Each Item in Array/List Variable
Filter varDataTable where Value = Item
Output to varMergeDT
Merge varMergeDT to varFinalDT
Next Item

Make sense?

Here’s an example, bud:
DataTable Filter Loop.xaml (12.9 KB)