Cannot upload attachment to Zendesk

Hello All,

When I try to upload local file to Zendesk, it fails with the following message:

"2023-04-28 16:50:06.093 GMT+8: Error: Activity ended with error:
ErrorCode: [422]
Message: Unprocessable Entity
RequestId: 644b88bde4b04f2e8dff07e2
ProviderMessage: error - AttachmentUnprocessable, description - Attachment file could not be processed.

Does anyone have idea? Thank you!

Hi @WONG_Andrew ,
Thanks for reaching out to UiPath Community.
In this case you need to check few things first. Here is a list you need to check firstly.

  • Check the file size: Zendesk has a limit on the size of attachments that can be uploaded. Make sure the file size is within the limit specified by Zendesk.
  • Check the file format: Zendesk supports a variety of file formats for attachments, but some file types may not be supported. Make sure the file format is supported by Zendesk.
  • Check the API authentication: If you are using the Zendesk API to upload the attachment, make sure that you have the correct API authentication and permissions to upload files to Zendesk.
  • Check the file path: Double-check that the file path you are using in UiPath StudioWeb is correct and that the file exists in that location.

Let me know the update on it. Till then Happy Automation


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