Cannot Update Table Selectors In Object Repository Elements

Issue Description: When UIAutomation 22.10 is used , it is not possible to update the datatable selectors used in Elements in an Object Library. On going to "Edit Element" and then Edit Descriptor the Wizard opens, but the button to indicate a table cell is inactive.

When unlinking the activity in a workflow from the object library and then trying to use the wizard, an error that this activity is configured with an older UIA version is thrown.

Error Message: When trying to update Data Table UI elements captured with UIAutomations version 21.4 (or older) using UIAutomation v 22.10 (or higher), this error comes up:

"The activity was configured on an older UIA version, so column configuration data is not available. Please indicate the table again to fully configure the activity".


  • Recreate the selectors/elements from scratch, whilst using the UiAutomation.Activities package version 22.10.1 or higher.