Cannot see attented robot in UiPath agent on laptop and orchestrator


I've built a robot in Studio and published it. Though I cannot see it in UiPath Agent and also not in orchestrator. Maybe it is not even a technical thing but a 'comprehension' thing here. Hope somebody can help me out,



Did you connected your Robot machine with Orchestrator or not ?

And also are you getting any error after publishing process from Studio ?

thanks @lakshman for giving it a try!
I’ve added these screendumps. No errors when analyzing and publishing. Using the latest edition (20.8). UiPath assistant notes: “You have no processes available” Maybe I have to do something in the agent?


Create Robot of type Unattended instead of Studiopro and check it once.

@lakshman Can you give me a direction on how to do this?


I hope you created Robot of type StudioPro in Robots page. Please change it to Unattended and then try it.

@lakshman I got no “Add” button or any way of changing the existing robot to unattended in Orchestrator… The above displayed screendump gives all the options I can see on the screen