Cannot save attachments on local temp folder (Access denied)

Hi there,

I try to save the attachments to the project folder, but I get an access denied error.
I then try to save them to the computers temp folder, I get the same error.
However, I can manually create and manipulate files and folders in both locations (project folder and temp), so there is no access right issue.
I have seen other topics regarding the full path and the “.eml” addition, but it was of no help to my case.

Please have a look. Any advice is much appreciated.

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Try to save it in ur project path it self, use absolute path don’t give full path.


Hi arivu96 and thanks for the tip. I tried that as well, same error

Looks like you just have to pass the mailFullPath in Save Mail Message which is a full path (based on output), you seem to appending the path again.



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Thanks vvaidya, this stupid mistake caused this error.

I feel embarrassed, I guess need to stop working for today …

Its Friday, have a beer.