Cannot query data service on studio


I am trying to use Data service query activity however, when I try to filter out, it click on “Query” option of the activity highlighted in yellow, this is the error I get :

thank you for your help

The “Sequence contains no element” error typically occurs when you are trying to access an element from a sequence (such as a list or array) that doesn’t contain any elements. In the context of UiPath and the Data Service Query activity, this error might be related to the fact that the data source you are querying is empty or the filtering criteria are not matching any elements.

You should try:

  • Ensure that the data source you are querying is not empty.
  • If you are using a database query, run the same query directly in the database management tool to see if it returns any results.
  • Ensure that you are using the latest version of UiPath Studio and the necessary packages. Sometimes, issues are fixed in newer versions or updates.