Cannot open downloaded Excel from network share

When I try to open Excel file (.xls) downloaded from our local network share (was added to trusted locations) I got error

Office has detected a problem with this file. To help protect your computer this file cannot be opened

I tried to disable protected view, allow macros but no success.

hi @Lukas_Macas,

I guess you will face the same issue if you try to manually open the file an enable macro.

One thing you can try here is -Once Downloaded - You can Save as the File with a different name is different location and then try to access.


@Lukas_Macas - instead of accessing the file from share drive -> you can copy the file to your local project temp folder ( Copy File activity) -> process your request -> after that delete the file (delete activity)…
this will improve your robot performance in reading the docs…

Like I wrote in first post - I have problem with downloaded file from network path - so that mean I copy file from network folder to Temp folder created inside Data folder of my running project.