Cannot get the text in the website

Hello -

I’m trying to get the specific text in a specific position. But every time I try, it’s indicating the whole website/body.

Highlighted in yellow is what I want to get

Hi @prititit ,

Open the selector in UIExplorer and click on “Options” in the top right.
Click on Ui Framework and click on “Active Accessibility” and then try to indicate the element.

Hello @manjula_rajendran

Still not working :frowning:

Can you share the website url?

Hello @manjula_rajendran

It’s a private website. :frowning:

But I actually tried something. I tried to get the text of all the body. And I was able to get the text.
The problem is all texts in the body were extracted.

I tried to put it in the excel.

But everytime I run it , it’s showing this kind of error

You are trying to put full body into excel?

Yes, @manjula_rajendran

I think it is the only way to get the text that I want. :confused:

No, if you try the method first i said it should work.

If you are going to do in your way then don’t put all the data into excel. Keep the exacted body into one variable and just extract the required data from that variable then you can write into excel.

Hello @manjula_rajendran

I tried what you told me earlier. I wasn’t able to get it before. But now I get it. It’s already working :smiley: thank you!

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