Cannot Get Evaluation of UiPath Certification and Certification Record Cannot Be Found in Academy

Hi all,

I have passed UiPath Certification and can download the certification pdf from “UiPath Certification System”. Just want to check my practical exam detailed information but the evaluation result is still not ready after 6 days. Anyone else meet the same issue?

And another thing is I cannot find any certification record in Academy – My Activity – Certification page even I got the certification


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If a candidate passes the exam, we don’t show the final evaluation with good points and what went wrong. We are going to improve this process beginning of next year.

For your second question, please note that we have 2 separate platform: online training + certification. These 2 are not synced, therefore you won’t see anything next to “Certification” in the training platform.

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Hi @Irina_Catauta ,

Many thanks for your response.

And for second answer, could you please provide information about certifications that I can see the records in Academy Certification part?