Cannot find processes in Ui tray

hi, I Cannot find processes in Ui tray, pls have a look and tell me how to add it so that i can find it in Ui tray!!


Hope your studio and Orchestrator connected properly and also you published project.

If yes then go to Packages page and there you will find your published projects from studio.

@lakshman, I want to run the process from my UI tray , when i can find them in orchestrartor why can’t i find them in Ui tray?
and as suggested in the packages, i can find the package. but what about the process i created?


Here, you connected studio with Orchestrator and because of that published packages are displayed in Orchestrator packages page. If you want to run it from Ui tray then disconnect connection to Orchestrator. Then it will show in Ui tray.


@lakshman, Thanks!!!

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Hi @murali.s,

Yes we can run the process from UI tray with offline mode.

Please look into below video for understanding.

Price analysis Recording (6-24-2019 2-23-58 PM) (1.4 MB)



@Mohansadaiyapillai, Thank you!!!

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