Cannot locate my process in orchestrator after publishing

Hello all, I could not locate my process in the orchestrator after publishing it from the studio. I need to set the recurrence of this process at specific intervals and cannot seem to do so in the studio itself. Any clues?

@Palaniyappan hope you can advise.


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We need to go to orchestrator and click on Automation tab
There click on process tab and click on plus symbol in the right side

There search for the project name you published and assign it to the environment under which you have robot connected

Here you go more details

For this

you can schedule as you need with Triggers option in same Automation tab

Cheers @bean

Hi @bean,

when you publish project to orchestrator, only package is uploaded but you would still need to create a process that would be using that package to run.

Check below things:

  1. What level did you publish your project ?
  2. if at tenant level, then go->tenant->packages-> locate your package.
  3. If folder level, then go-> your folder → automations-> folder packages-> locate your package.

Few points to note if you have folder level packages enabled:

  1. You can’t create a process using the package deployed at tenant level(even if you could publish it from studio) if folder packages is enabled for your folder.
  2. So in this case, you would require to deploy your package at folder level to be able to create a process out of it.

To create process, please follow steps mentioned by @Palaniyappan.

Hope this helps.


Hi @bean,

Any update on this issue?

Are you able to locate your process by following steps I outlined in my previous post?


I have 2 published processes and I can’t locate them in my folder → automation → add folder, in fact, no process shows up in the drop-down