Cannot find 'get visible text' or 'get full text' activities

Hi All,

I cannot find ‘get visible text’ or ‘get full text’ activities in the UIPath studio activity panel. Can someone please help.


Do you have the UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities package installed in your project?

Can you activate the classic experience from the filter choose

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can you check if UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities is referenced for the dependencies e.g. via Package Manager.

Otherwise please show us screenshot from it. Thanks

Yes, I have UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities package installed and I have deactivated the modern experience. Please see the screenshots below.

@harmeet_kaur Since you are modern design you cannot find get visible text activities

To work with this activity you should enable classic design experience. Follow the below steps to do that

  • Go to Project
  • Right click on your project
  • click on project settings
  • Disable modern design experience

You can mix modern and classic activities in your project. All you have to do when you are in modern is go to the Activities tab, click the filter icon, and select “Show Classic.” I checked and the Get Visible Text and Get Full Text activities are classic activities. But you can still use them if your project is set to modern. However, I wonder if there are modern activities that replace them and should be used instead.

I looked and yes, the old Get Visible Text and Get Full Text activities have been combined into the modern Get Text activity.

It worked! Thanks for the solution.


Can you also tell why this Click Trigger missing the Event Type in the properties? I want to set it to synchronous so that get visible text captures the user input before the button is clicked.

Turning off modern is not the correct solution. You should leave modern on and use the modern Get Text activity which replaced Get Visible Text and Get Full Text.

@harmeet_kaur The property was not set for this activity since it can trigger (do actions) once the click is performed

Thank you, I will check.

Thank you for your answer. It helped!

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