Cannot find DataRow[] variable type


Hello everyone,

I am facing a strange issue… I have extracted data from website in DataTable.
Now I want to select only certain row using
rowSelected = ExtractDataTable.Select(“Type=‘WI5’”)
But the issue is I want rowSelected to be DataRow[] but I cannot find DataRow[] but only DataRow is present and I cannot proceed further. Can any one help me out?


Display contents of Datarow


In Studio, bottom Variables panel:

  • click on Variable type of your variable
  • Select Array of [T] - a pop-up appears
  • Select Browse for types
  • Search for DataRow and select it

You should then have DataRow[] variable type



Above steps must solve your problem. please follow each step,
let us know if you face any difficulty.

Kind Regards,


Thanks a lot @Pankaj.Patil and @ovi … It works.
I found a lengthy work around for this by using invoke method and arguments. I imported a workflow with dataRow[] type varible and it worked.
Anyways learned a better way :slight_smile: