Cannot find DataRow[] variable type

Hello everyone,

I am facing a strange issue… I have extracted data from website in DataTable.
Now I want to select only certain row using
rowSelected = ExtractDataTable.Select(“Type=‘WI5’”)
But the issue is I want rowSelected to be DataRow but I cannot find DataRow but only DataRow is present and I cannot proceed further. Can any one help me out?



In Studio, bottom Variables panel:

  • click on Variable type of your variable
  • Select Array of [T] - a pop-up appears
  • Select Browse for types
  • Search for DataRow and select it

You should then have DataRow variable type



Above steps must solve your problem. please follow each step,
let us know if you face any difficulty.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks a lot @Pankaj.Patil and @ovi … It works.
I found a lengthy work around for this by using invoke method and arguments. I imported a workflow with dataRow type varible and it worked.
Anyways learned a better way :slight_smile:

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