Issues with variable types


I am trying to create a variable of the type DataRow as I am selecting the content of a DataTable; but I am getting the following error.

Any help would be appreciated.


The Select function returns an array of DataRows. You need to loop through that array and handle each row one at a time.

You can add .First, .Last, or an index to get only one of the rows and store to a DataRow, but I highly do not recommend this because there’s a chance it finds zero rows, then you are left with an error. So I suggest checking its count after you store the array of rows, like If WIList.Count > 0, which then if it’s true you can take the first or last row. Note: this is not needed for For Each loops, because it will just not do anything if the array is empty.

Although, this is also a demo exercise it appears, so it’s probably not needed to complete the exercise.